Paolo Gabrielli appointed Chief Commercial Officer

Silk-FAW has just announced the appointment of Paolo Gabrielli as Chief Commercial Officer. The manager’s main responsibilities are to develop a commercial strategy, which will bring to life a new and innovative business model in the hypercar global market, and to meet customers’ expectations of living a completely new experience while buying ultra-luxury sports cars.

After graduating in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he started his career in the automotive sector by working at the FCA Research and Development Center and Platform Development in Alfa Romeo. In 2002, thanks to his relational skills, he joined the Volkswagen Group and afterwards Porsche Italy, assuming an international assignment. He later became Head of the After-Sales Department in Lamborghini, where he carried the Dealership Network revolution and transition into a new dimension, finally holding the role of Chief Procurement Officer.

Gabrielli’s extensive experience and leadership in the business development environment, along with his deep knowledge of the international automotive field, make him the perfect fit for this role.